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Gov-Path Solutions


How gov-PATH works

Gov-PATH connects Program Management and Financial Management throughout the federal business process to create a single strategic view. Gov-PATH is the singular system used agency-wide by managers and staff for accurate, accessible and actionable strategic information to plan, budget, track progress, evaluate performance and make decisions.

How gov-PATH works Gov-PATH organizes program areas and distributes appropriated funds to projects, including contracts, grants, agency transfers, salaries and operations. Responsible program managers oversee staff assigned to the projects under their work group and monitor spending plans across fiscal years.

How gov-PATH works Gov-PATH supports best practices in budget and financial management; connecting budget authorization and appropriation codes to fund accounts and object class codes under an integrated chart of accounts. Increase accuracy of budget figures, reconcile to audited financial systems, and ensure consistency across reports.

How gov-PATH works Gov-PATH takes future project award deadlines and plans backwards to the start date. Staff and managers utilize automated notifications and milestone tracking tools to monitor progress. Start on time, stay on schedule, and finish on time.

How gov-PATH works Gov-PATH becomes a member of your team, providing standard processes for new staff and defining roles and responsibilities to make changes and approve actions. Individuals and teams collaborate and utilize project management tools to track progress, store documents, analyze data and share results.


Organize your business

Strategic, Coordinated, Efficient, and Impactful


Organize your business

1. Gov-PATH organizes program narratives, performance measurement data and financial spending plans to satisfy the Budget Formulation process.

2. Gov-PATH integrates agency spending plans with project funding actions to meet award deadlines and complete the current fiscal year Budget Execution process.

3. Gov-PATH manages Post Award Tracking of projects; recording related spending and program results until work is completed and awarded funds are fully expended.


Organize your business

The Gov-PATH Solution delivers time saving insights for federal financial and program managers; adapting to your existing business processes.

Gov-PATH aligns limited resources - time and human capital - to demonstrate the impact of every program dollar from the time it is authorized and awarded until it is fully expended.

By integrating systems and automating business processes, Gov-PATH coordinates disparate processes, data and people to achieve the following:

- DATA Act Readiness

- Data Transparency

- Internal Controls

- Funds Control

- Risk Mitigation and Program Integrity

- Program Performance Measurement

- Comprehensive Single-source Reporting

- Cloud-based Document & Data Storage

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